Garage Door Safety

Your garage door is one (if not the) of the primary point of entry into the home itself. Whether it is kids on foot or adults in cars, the garage door is important, it is why we have to give so much attention to garage door safety.

Safety Cable

If you want to install extension spring, don't forget about safety cable. They are an important safety measure in the situation when a spring breaks

What to check on safety check-up

  1. The door balances

  2. The springs

  3. Opener

  4. The rollers

  5. The cables

  6. The safety cables

  7. The drums

  8. The center bearings

  9. The end bearing plates

10. The pulleys

11. The shaft

12. The hinges

13. The brackets

14. The tracks

15. The strut and truss rods

16. The spring anchors

17. The bottom weather seal

18. The condition of the panel