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Secure View™ DC Battery Backup Belt Drive Wi-Fi® Garage Door Opener

Integrated video camera enables you to see what is happening in your garage through a live feed or recorded event.
Video camera begins recording when motion is detected.
Battery backup allows you to open/close your door even when the power is out.
Built-in Wi-Fi® allows for smartphone control with the myQ® App.
Works with Amazon Key: Enables convenient and secure In-Garage Delivery. PLUS live video streaming capabilities let you watch your Amazon packages and groceries get delivered to your garage in real-time.
Get the $100/year 30-day myQ® Video Storage Subscription for ONLY $50 when you enter promo code “50VIDEO” at checkout.


HD-Quality Video:
1080p, glare-resistant, night vision lens auto-adjusts to light levels in the garage to capture everything and anything that passes through the garage.

Live Streaming and Video Storage:
View live-streaming video from your garage for free.
Add a myQ Video Storage Subscription to record and save videos for up to 7 or 30 days. Now you can try one year of a 30-day storage plan for only $50—half price! Enter promo code 50VIDEO to redeem special offer.

2-Way Audio:
Communicate in real time between your garage and your smartphone.

Integrated Camera:
Video camera can be manually tilted and rotated 360 degrees to see everything that happens in the garage.

These doors feature:

Easily Connect:
Easily connect to a home network with built-in Wi-Fi®.

Syncs With:
Syncs with popular smart devices and platforms.
Visit for details.

Virtually Silent:
Keep living spaces virtually silent with the extra-strong belt drive system.

Battery Backup:
Get in and out when the power's out with Battery Backup. Meets California SB-969.

DC Motor:
Enjoy extra peace and quiet with the long-lasting DC motor.

Smooth Start':
Extend hardware life and reduce maintenance with smooth start/stop operation.

Electronically Protect:
Electronically protects against forced openings of the garage door.

Secure Code:
Confidently know that every click sends a secure code to the garage door opener.

Safety Sensors:
Protect people and vehicles with safety sensors that stop the door from closing on obstructions.

Bright Garage:
Walk into a bright garage with motion-detection lighting.

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