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For active households that use the garage as the front door, the 1 HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener Kit With myQ® can’t be beat for power and capability. Built to lift 7 ft. garage doors consistently and quietly, this smooth operator is ideal for attached garages, and has integrated battery backup so it's sure to work even when the power is out. ͍You can easily control your garage door from anywhere at anytime, as well as get real time alerts, all from your smartphone with the myQ® app. And with a wireless keypad, outside access is available with a simple touch. It can be programmed with up to 24 permanent PINs and 24 temporary PINs for limited, single-use access, and comes with an all-weather cover. Plus, the 3-Button remote control allows you to easily program up to three garage doors and boasts a frequency range of up to 1500 ft. The multi-function LCD wall controller activates lights with motion detection and is the central hub for system diagnostics and custom programming. You can even set it to auto-close the garage door after a certain amount of time, giving you peace of mind that the door is closed. The included Safety Sensors stop the garage door from closing if something is in its path. ͍Backed by our highest warranty, you can rest assured that the motor and drive are covered for a lifetime.


SMARTPHONE CONTROL: With built-in Wi-Fi, you can monitor and control your garage door from anywhere at anytime using the myQ® app (available on the App Store® and on Google Play)
BELT DRIVE: Constructed with top-grade flexible materials, the belt mechanism delivers smooth and quiet operation; with minimal noise level, it’s especially suitable for attached garages
LIFT POWER: Reliable Lifting Force of 1 HP is ideal for frequent daily use on a 7 ft. garage door, and offers an extra boost of power in extreme weather conditions (such as the door sticking due to frozen ice); extension kits are required (sold separately) for an 8 ft. door or for a 10 ft. door

These doors feature:

SECURE ACCESS: Each time the remote or keypad is activated, a new access signal is sent from billions of possible combinations to prevent interception of the radio signal by would-be hackers
AUTO-CLOSE: The included LCD Wall Controller allows you to set a timer for the garage door to auto-close, giving you peace of mind
LIGHTING: Move about safely and easily with end-to-end motion activated lighting inside the garage, dual-lens panels each hold a 100-watt CFL bulb (bulbs sold separately)
BATTERY BACKUP: Assures that you can get in and out of your garage even during power outages (battery included)
HOMELINK COMPATIBLE: Compatible with HomeLink® in-vehicle remote control system for remote-less garage access.

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