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Garage Spring Installation

Garage Spring Installation

Top Quality Garage Door & Gates offers garage door spring repair services.

Whenever a garage door spring breaks, it causes the door to become unbalanced and can be challenging to open manually due to the weight. That is why we strongly advise our customers not to use the door. Call Top Quality Garage Door & Gates to install your broken torsion spring or extension spring in order to prevent further damage or, more importantly, an injury.

After installation process Our technicians at Top Quality Garage Door & Gates will provide a safety inspection to ensure all components and moving parts of your door are in good working order.

Extention Springs

Extension springs are a cheaper, more commonly used, and older system. They are mounted on both sides of a garage door with cables that attach the spring to the track on one side and the track supports on the other.Cables are also attached to the bottom brackets of each side of the garage door and run through a system of pulleys to the springs and the track. Extension springs extend and contract rather than twist as the door closes and opens.

Torsion Springs

The torsion spring system is a newer system. The spring bars are mounted on the inside header and torsion springs are mounted to each tube with a center bracket holding the spring in place. On each side of the garage door, each bar has a drum, which is attached to a cable, which winds around the drum to open or close the door. The cable and drum lift the door, while the torsion spring provides the force.

Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are used both to raise the garage door as well as to hold it in place. When damaged, they need to be replaced by a professional.

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