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Track Replacement

Track Replacement

Top Quality Garage Door & Gates will ensure to replace you garage door tracks.

The metal tracks that guide the garage door into its open and closed position are an important part of any functioning overhead door system. These tracks are designed to house the rollers, which help support the weight of each garage door panel and give them a safe and secure path to roll along when the door is opened and closed. Since these metal tracks are made of thin, pliable metal that can easily be bent or otherwise damaged, it is fairly common that the garage door tracks can cause problems when damage has occurred.

Replacing the track on your garage door system can be a tedious process. A complete re-install of a new track requires you to completely detach one side of the door, while still securing it enough to prevent damage to the track, rollers and hinges on the other side of the door. That's why Call Top Quality Garage Door & Gates and our technicians will replace garage door track as fast as possible.

How the Track Works

A garage door system relies on all the parts to be in good working order. Garage door tracks help guide moving parts like the rollers to ensure the door opens and closes properly. The tracks on either side of the door guide the parts that couple them together. As a result, they also hold the garage door in place when it is fully opened or closed.

How Can You Tell if the Track Is Broken?

A garage door track can become damaged in many ways. If an object accidentally strikes the tracks, you should check them for any signs of damage. The lip of the track can become warped or bent on impact with heavier items, or the track can crack, crease or break entirely if hit with enough force.

Garage Door Parts

At Top Quality Garage Doors & Gates, we want your garage door to last a lifetime. That’s why we offer garage door repair and maintenance services in addition to helping you choose a quality door parts and accessories.

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